This week with our preschool curriculum we experienced Farming with Experience Early Learning .

A couple of things we did this week was: learned the difference from sunrise to sunset, measured plants (tall and short), harvested crops, pulled weeds, played farmers market bingo and played many other fun farm games. 


During circle time we started our week with this cute little song to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb”

The Sun Is Coming Up

Now the sun is coming up

coming up, coming up

now the sun is coming up

good morning to you

Now the sun is going down

going down, going down

now the sun is going down

good night to youthis song and picture is from experience preschool

Sunset shadows

With our Preschool curriculum we had an inspiration photo that helped the children’s creativity for their own art. I also asked questions to the children to inspire their creativity. Some of the questions I asked included: What colors do you see during a sunset? Could you mix or blend the colors together? What do you think might happen when you blend colors?  The children always have such a great time using their own creativity to make their own painting.

Our next Invitation to create photo was a Plowed Field photo. We used brown paint, nature items, glue, sand, and a comb to create their own phot bI asked questions like what types of lines do you see in the photos? How do you think the lines were made? How can you use the comb to make lines across the paper?

They’re using the comb to make lines like the picture

The children loved adding textures to their painting.

Next, we practiced how to harvest crops. We tore different color construction paper to represent different crops. We had a cube that had different fruits and vegetables. I invited the children to toss the cube. For example: if the child rolled the lettuce then he would harvest “pick up” the green row.

In Math this week!!

We enjoyed pulling weeds out of play dough. The children would roll the cube and then would remove that amount of weeds from their play dough. we continued until there were no more weeds left in the Play dough.

We also had a great time measuring plants with blocks. The children loved counting and stacking the blocks. We also talked about which plant is tallest and which one was the shortest.

To finish up our week we picked pumpkins and painted them.

We really enjoyed our unit on farming and we cannot wait to start our unit on community helpers next week!! Mother Goose Time ( experience Early Learning ) is such a great preschool curriculum and I hope you enjoy visiting my blog every week. 

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