Health and safety week

Welcome back this week with our mother goose time curriculum. Check it out here

We learned about firefighters, doctors, police officers, dentist, and bus drivers. Boy oh Boy we had some fun.

Calling all firefighters

We practiced how to touch the door with the back of our hand and if the door was hot we could not open it and we would need to go to a safe spot. We then practiced how to get low and we crawled to a safe spot.

Fire fork painting

The kids had a great time making a fire fork painting. I placed orange, yellow, and red paint out and the children then used a fork to make a fire on black paper.

Fire station counting

I love how our curriculum supplies us with cute manipulatives each month. My kids just loved these vehicle counters and we played with them so much. Our preschool curriculum also came with these cute fire station and number cards. We had a great time matching the number to the amount of garage spaces on the card.

What do we do when there is an emergency?Dial 9-1-1

I got some cute police officers y’all.

Our letter this week was Dd

D is for duck

D is for drum

We used a toothbrush and acted like a Dentist and we brushed all the hidden letter D’s and pictures beginning with the /d/ sound.

We had a lot of fun shaping playdough into the letter D and then using their fingerprints to trace the letter.

This week was Halloween so we had to make some cute little mummies to end our week!!

Thanks again for stopping by

We will see you again next week

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