Creative Careers

Welcome back!!

It’s been another great week of exploring through Experience Early Learning ( formerly mother goose time) This week in our community helpers unit, with our preschool curriculum ,we covered Creative Careers. These community helpers have more of a creative or artists focus. This week we covered: A Musician, actor, dancer, author, and illustrator.

If there is one thing my little group loves to do more then anything it is to sing and dance. The children had a great time making Microphones and shakers, and boy did they love putting on a show.

Another activity, that really was a huge hit this week with our Preschool curriculum ,was our Dancing Paintbrush. I set out the Inspirational photo which is supplied by our preschool curriculum and I asked them if they noticed the long graceful strokes of the paintbrush on the paper. I then taped their canvas onto the wall and turned on some music. I then asked the children to move their paintbrush as if there were dancing to the music. I changed the music to different beats and they had a blast.

Even my sweet little Toddler enjoyed this activity using his dancing hands

This week we also talked about how many books have an author and a illustrator. We discussed how the author writes the words and the illustrator draws the pictures. We looked through many books and looked for the Author’s name and the illustrators name.

Now, who loves Fancy Nancy books?? We made some really fun mask and then sat down and read Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

Thanks again for stopping by we will see y’all again next week.

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