Learning from home

Well well well! This is a crazy time and boy I never thought I would be blogging about how I am teaching my daycare children from an I-pad.

We started learn at home bags this week and I am also going live on my Facebook page for circle time and craft time. Each day in our preschool curriculum Experience early learning has a craft called “creative corner” and they supply us with the main materials and then I added paints, markers, glue, and scissors to each child’s bags. It was so fun getting out of the house and making deliveries.

During circle time, I have been doing calendar, weather, shapes, numbers, letters and then Giving a brief example of our preschool curriculum study for the day. Some days we have songs and others days we have books to read. I will then explain our craft and then jump back on about 10 minutes later to explain how to make it. The kids have been posting pictures of their crafts in my comments via Facebook post.

Baby Bird Pet!!

Supplies: •cardboard tube •feathers •wiggly eyes •markers •glue •scissors •nature items

Discuss: •would you like to have a baby bird for a pet? Why or why not?

Make: • encourage each child to decorate their tube like a baby chick.

Play: • use sticks, rocks or other nature items to build a nest or birdhouse.

• what else might the bird need? Invite children to brainstorm ways to feed and care for their pet check.

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