Winter in the woods week 1

Welcome back y’all, this week we started our new theme winter in the woods with Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) preschool curriculum and if you have been with me through our journey you know how much we love our preschool Curriculum .

Week one: Forest Animals

My group of boys really enjoyed learning All things Animals this week. We had so much fun acting, painting, reading, dancing…. all about Forest Animals.

The activity that really got the boy’s attention was “Bear Day” we went outside and sang the song “ we’re going on a bear hunt” and walked towards a huge leave pile. Earlier in the morning I raked some leaves into a huge leaf pile and we used that as our cave. I have to say the Boys loved acting like bears and acting like they were getting ready for hibernation.

Once back inside we made A Bear Den

Materials used:

•paper bowl

•Nature items ( e.g., leaves, sticks, grass)

•Bear photos

( all supply’s came with our Experience Early Learning Curriculum monthly box)

Set up:

• I set out all the materials and showed them a picture of a bear near a den and we talked about how bears live in dens. I then asked how would you make a den if you were a Bear.

We then used the Bear photos and used our imagination to pretend like a bear in our den.

Another animal that we made was an Owl, we made puppets and the kids had a great time saying “Whoo Whoo” and running around acting like little owls.

We have also been working a lot on our fine motor skills and I found some pencil grips off amazon that will help children hold the pencil the correct way. These are great for assisting your child with pencil gripping and writing.

JARLINK Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting, Aid Grip Trainer Posture Correction Finger Grip for Kids, Adults, Arthritis Designed for Righties or Leftie

We practiced writing in our journals and the kids really enjoyed them.

And that’s it for this week, thanks for stopping by. See y’all again next week with more from winter in the woods.

As an Experience Early Learning Blog Ambassador, we receive the Experience Early Learning Preschool curriculum in exchange for our honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. As always, our opinions on amazing stuff for children are 100% our own. Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best judgement when planning activities for your children.

A quick glance of experience early learning toddler curriculum!! 

Welcome back!!

Y’all know how much I Love experience early learning preschool curriculum ( formerly Mother Goose Time) well……. guess what!!! They have a toddler curriculum and I was lucky enough to take a Peek of this amazing set up and I even got to test it out with my sweet kiddos.

First of all, the box comes with all your materials and it’s laid out for four weeks with five lessons each week. Everything is color-coded and a number coded. You will teach language and literacy, math and reasoning, music and movement, and art and drama.

Here is an example of the lesson card on the front if you have a picture of the finished product and when you turn it around it will have listed all the materials needed, how to teach your activity and then how to observe your students.

Here are a few more examples and a couple videos of experience early learning toddler curriculum ( formerly Mother Goose Time) We sure did enjoy this opportunity.

here is an example of what it looks like when you open your toddler curriculum box.

here is an example of an easy way to organize your toddler curriculum for the week

Thanks again for stopping by.

Creative Careers

Welcome back!!

It’s been another great week of exploring through Experience Early Learning ( formerly mother goose time) This week in our community helpers unit, with our preschool curriculum ,we covered Creative Careers. These community helpers have more of a creative or artists focus. This week we covered: A Musician, actor, dancer, author, and illustrator.

If there is one thing my little group loves to do more then anything it is to sing and dance. The children had a great time making Microphones and shakers, and boy did they love putting on a show.

Another activity, that really was a huge hit this week with our Preschool curriculum ,was our Dancing Paintbrush. I set out the Inspirational photo which is supplied by our preschool curriculum and I asked them if they noticed the long graceful strokes of the paintbrush on the paper. I then taped their canvas onto the wall and turned on some music. I then asked the children to move their paintbrush as if there were dancing to the music. I changed the music to different beats and they had a blast.

Even my sweet little Toddler enjoyed this activity using his dancing hands

This week we also talked about how many books have an author and a illustrator. We discussed how the author writes the words and the illustrator draws the pictures. We looked through many books and looked for the Author’s name and the illustrators name.

Now, who loves Fancy Nancy books?? We made some really fun mask and then sat down and read Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

Thanks again for stopping by we will see y’all again next week.


Experience Downtown with

Experience early learning, Community helpers unit.

Wow what a week and boy are we tired from all the shopping and working we have done…. work hard play hard right???? Lol

Please come and stroll down a sidewalk of imagination with us….

Welcome to Mrs.Kat’s Café

Where the food is hot but everything is

We started out our week making our classroom into a cute little café and we made the cutest Chef hats that our preschool curriculum supplied.

We had a blast taking orders and preparing the food back in the kitchen.

The children use their imaginations and took turns being the Cooks, servers, and the customers. This was also a great time to practice our manners and proper handwashing skills.

Welcome to Mrs.Kat’s shop around the corner

First we cut the play Money from our preschool curriculum and then each child made a Wallet. We practiced counting out money with dollar bills and then we set up our little corner shop. Each child was able to go shopping and then come to the cash register to pay for their goods. We had a blast pretending and working on customer service.

Welcome to Mrs.Kats Beauty shop

We ran a great special this week, check out some of our work. What do you think???

We cut pictures out of magazines and then used Playdough to create hairstyles.

We also played a matching game with the faces that we cut out. We matched the faces with the hairstyle

We had a great time Pretending to be hairdresser’s. I used a strip of paper and stuck it in to Playdough and then the children cut the strip into pieces. This was a great activity for practicing fine motor skills.

We had a great week and we also had a great time incorporating a little bit of the experience learning toddler curriculum into our week. Here are a couple of videos to tell you about the toddler curriculum. We are super excited about the toddler curriculum and just adore it. More to come next week. Go check out the experience learning toddler curriculum

Community Helpers In The Neighborhood

Community helpers help us in our daily lives and it is important that our children learn to understand how important their jobs are in our community. Children begin to discover that it is important to work together and improve and maintain where they live. 

Some of our neighborhood community helpers we touched on were mail carrier, construction worker, teacher, recycler, and plumber.

Mail carrier

the children had a great time making a mail carrier bag and then making postcards. We made a little town in our classroom and the children had a great time pretending to deliver their mail.

Construction Worker

I have a daycare full of boys and they loved making their own hammers out of our preschool curriculum kit.  The boys had a great time pretending to fix things in our classroom and then we played a matching game with our hammers. The matching game also allowed the children to work on their fine motor skills by cutting out the game pieces. 

I also set out foam shapes and mats on the table and the children used the foam shapes to build the designs in the shape mats.


Who loves to play school?? Well my group loves to help play teacher during circle time so everyone got their chance today. We also worked on the letter J today and we also used blocks to build words.


I just love when mother gooses time has a song to open up our daily theme.

Recycle and reuse song

( to the tone of Skip to My Lou )

Recycle and reuse,

Recycle and reuse,

Recycle and reuse,

Bring the plastic [ glass, aluminum, paper] here.

After each verse, the child holding that material had to drop it into the recycling bin.

We also had fun sorting recyclables and making patterns. 


What do you think happens when something gets stuck in a pipe? Call a plumber

We made some pipes out of recycled toilet paper and paper towel rolls and each child took turns rolling the dice, next they counting out that many pompoms and dropped it down the pipe.

At table time I showed a picture of pipes to the children. I gave them paper, strews, glue, and scissors. Next I asked them to design their own pipe sculpture using the materials given.

We had another great week. See you again next week. Order your preschool curriculum here

Health and safety week

Welcome back this week with our mother goose time curriculum. Check it out here

We learned about firefighters, doctors, police officers, dentist, and bus drivers. Boy oh Boy we had some fun.

Calling all firefighters

We practiced how to touch the door with the back of our hand and if the door was hot we could not open it and we would need to go to a safe spot. We then practiced how to get low and we crawled to a safe spot.

Fire fork painting

The kids had a great time making a fire fork painting. I placed orange, yellow, and red paint out and the children then used a fork to make a fire on black paper.

Fire station counting

I love how our curriculum supplies us with cute manipulatives each month. My kids just loved these vehicle counters and we played with them so much. Our preschool curriculum also came with these cute fire station and number cards. We had a great time matching the number to the amount of garage spaces on the card.

What do we do when there is an emergency?Dial 9-1-1

I got some cute police officers y’all.

Our letter this week was Dd

D is for duck

D is for drum

We used a toothbrush and acted like a Dentist and we brushed all the hidden letter D’s and pictures beginning with the /d/ sound.

We had a lot of fun shaping playdough into the letter D and then using their fingerprints to trace the letter.

This week was Halloween so we had to make some cute little mummies to end our week!!

Thanks again for stopping by

We will see you again next week


This week with our preschool curriculum we experienced Farming with Experience Early Learning .

A couple of things we did this week was: learned the difference from sunrise to sunset, measured plants (tall and short), harvested crops, pulled weeds, played farmers market bingo and played many other fun farm games. 


During circle time we started our week with this cute little song to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb”

The Sun Is Coming Up

Now the sun is coming up

coming up, coming up

now the sun is coming up

good morning to you

Now the sun is going down

going down, going down

now the sun is going down

good night to youthis song and picture is from experience preschool

Sunset shadows

With our Preschool curriculum we had an inspiration photo that helped the children’s creativity for their own art. I also asked questions to the children to inspire their creativity. Some of the questions I asked included: What colors do you see during a sunset? Could you mix or blend the colors together? What do you think might happen when you blend colors?  The children always have such a great time using their own creativity to make their own painting.

Our next Invitation to create photo was a Plowed Field photo. We used brown paint, nature items, glue, sand, and a comb to create their own phot bI asked questions like what types of lines do you see in the photos? How do you think the lines were made? How can you use the comb to make lines across the paper?

They’re using the comb to make lines like the picture

The children loved adding textures to their painting.

Next, we practiced how to harvest crops. We tore different color construction paper to represent different crops. We had a cube that had different fruits and vegetables. I invited the children to toss the cube. For example: if the child rolled the lettuce then he would harvest “pick up” the green row.

In Math this week!!

We enjoyed pulling weeds out of play dough. The children would roll the cube and then would remove that amount of weeds from their play dough. we continued until there were no more weeds left in the Play dough.

We also had a great time measuring plants with blocks. The children loved counting and stacking the blocks. We also talked about which plant is tallest and which one was the shortest.

To finish up our week we picked pumpkins and painted them.

We really enjoyed our unit on farming and we cannot wait to start our unit on community helpers next week!! Mother Goose Time ( experience Early Learning ) is such a great preschool curriculum and I hope you enjoy visiting my blog every week.