Experience Downtown with

Experience early learning, Community helpers unit.

Wow what a week and boy are we tired from all the shopping and working we have done…. work hard play hard right???? Lol

Please come and stroll down a sidewalk of imagination with us….

Welcome to Mrs.Kat’s Café

Where the food is hot but everything is

We started out our week making our classroom into a cute little café and we made the cutest Chef hats that our preschool curriculum supplied.

We had a blast taking orders and preparing the food back in the kitchen.

The children use their imaginations and took turns being the Cooks, servers, and the customers. This was also a great time to practice our manners and proper handwashing skills.

Welcome to Mrs.Kat’s shop around the corner

First we cut the play Money from our preschool curriculum and then each child made a Wallet. We practiced counting out money with dollar bills and then we set up our little corner shop. Each child was able to go shopping and then come to the cash register to pay for their goods. We had a blast pretending and working on customer service.

Welcome to Mrs.Kats Beauty shop

We ran a great special this week, check out some of our work. What do you think???

We cut pictures out of magazines and then used Playdough to create hairstyles.

We also played a matching game with the faces that we cut out. We matched the faces with the hairstyle

We had a great time Pretending to be hairdresser’s. I used a strip of paper and stuck it in to Playdough and then the children cut the strip into pieces. This was a great activity for practicing fine motor skills.

We had a great week and we also had a great time incorporating a little bit of the experience learning toddler curriculum into our week. Here are a couple of videos to tell you about the toddler curriculum. We are super excited about the toddler curriculum and just adore it. More to come next week. Go check out the experience learning toddler curriculum

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